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Shark Navigator NV360 Reviews: Best Vacuum Cleaner to Buy in This Year?
Every household has a vacuum cleaner nowadays. With the way they can suck up dust and dirt, sweep away debris, and even pet hair, a good vacuum cleaner is an essential for many house owners.
If you’re currently on the lookout for a new vacuum cleaner to buy or to replace your old vacuum cleaner, take into consideration the Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360. As one of the highest rated upright vacuums on the market, the NV360 can certainly help you with the daily cleaning chores.
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Though simple in terms of design, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 packs quite a heavy punch when it comes to raw cleaning performance. It uses a Shark digital motor to achieve the high suction performance and efficiency it’s known for.
A two-tier radial cyclone system, which includes 15 cyclones arranged in parallel formation further strengthens the vacuum’s suction flow. As a result, the Shark Navigator Lift Away NV360 has remarkable dust, dirt, and debris capturing ability. Even fine, microscopic dust particles couldn’t escape its suction.

Compared to other uprights, the NV360 is relatively lightweight when fully assembled, clocking in at just 13 pounds (5.8 kilograms). The design is compact enough to fit into tight corners. NV360 is also easy to maneuver, so you wouldn’t have much issues maneuvering it underneath most household furniture.
But the defining feature of the NV360 lies in the Lift-Away canister. With only a button press, you can detach the Lift-Away canister from the rest of the vacuum’s assembly. The canister houses the motor as well as the dust cup, so using the Lift-Away mode of the NV360 is akin to converting your upright into a canister vacuum.
And now that your vacuum is much lighter and more maneuverable with Lift-Away mode, you can clean out the ceiling, countertops, and bookshelves much more easily.
Lastly, our testers and many customers are also pleased with the large-capacity dust cup. It can hold 4 liters (3.64 dry quarts) worth of dirty contents. Once the dust cup is filled, all you have to do is hold the detached dust cup above a trash can, press a button, and all of the dirty contents will fall right out. It’s hygienic, quick, and simple: just the way everyone prefers it!
Power Cord
The shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360 is corded, so it uses a power cord rather than batteries. Unfortunately, at 12 feet, the cord is ridiculously short and it can be a point of annoyance for a lot of people. You may need to get a vacuum-compatible extension cord for the NV360.

Among the many highlights of this Shark vacuum is its robust filtration system. Aside from a HEPA filter (which is the highest grade of filter available,) Shark vacuum NV360 is also integrated with Anti Allergen Complete Seal technology. This sealing tech prevents dirty particles inside the dust cup from leaking back out into the environment through seams and cracks on the vacuum’s body.
For all of these reasons, the NV360 is among our top recommendations for allergy sufferers.
We hope this short Shark NV360 review has given you a better idea of why this vacuum is so loved among consumers. If you wished to know more and now wanted to buy one of these, you can check the price and order right through our page!