I am a Lagos based photographer who shoots a range of photography always attempting to highlight the best of human life.
All my life I have been inspired by images in movies, art, literature and magazines.
Specializing in Documentary and Fashion which is my core and as a result i took the first runner up for the category of fashion which was sponsored by the lagos photo festiver and etisalat and my work was exhibited and i also do some personal artistic projects.
Exhibiting my work which has grown and flourished over the years and is a collection of photographic moments I have captured using variable styles.
Each photo has been taken with a dedicated and an unwavering passion for photography. Ever since I handled my first camera, I have been passionate about photography.
Am a student of university of benin, and i study business education.
I also study photography at yaba college of technology
I now take great satisfaction in crafting professional photographs of all types of subject and enjoy the spectrum of challenges that photography provides, from lighting the face of a Human, to arranging a group portrait.
For me, photography truly is an art form. It is a way of expressing what I visually see through the lens and capturing a unique moment that someone else may have missed or wasn't able to see in the same light.
My work allows you the opportunity to relish that missed moment and truly captures the "art of emotion".