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Fiste - Hello

September 14, 2015
contest: Rap Song Online Video Contest
€ 1500
13 -rd
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Stefan Popovic Male

Hello ,my name is Stefan Popovic. Im 24. Im from Serbia. Im a song writter and rapper ,i started with recording when i was 16 ,and song writting many many years before.. Also,i recording funny clips and phone calls ,thats how some people in Belgrade (Zemun) know me too. I recorded about 20 songs,but write like every day,i just dont have inuff cash for recording if you mean that 20 is little for that time..I have some features with rappers here in Serbia,talked to many famous people here..they all said they "got my back",but i must have some money to put in my career,you know,to make some progress..like i need,like 5-10 000 euros..like, for my song to be on tv,for commercials,for music videos..and stuff like that..and i never had that kind of money offcourse. Im not really famous here,and on "Facebook" i saw your contest,so why not..here i am. Thats from me,for now. I hope you will enjoy in my video performance.
Wish you all the best,

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