How modern technology can save trees

January 10, 2019
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - Short 1-minute Video
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Tanya Stoyanova

Loss of forests!

To meet growing paper consumption, industry cuts many forests or turns them from natural forests into forest crops. In this way, almost half of world-wide logging goes to paper production.

Forests are a natural filter, and cutting them leads to the accumulation of large amounts of carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change. Equilibrium in nature is distorted, as long as there is erosion, landslides, surface topsoil, drainage, salinisation, ecosystem degradation and extinction of biological species.
Papermaking plants use huge amounts of water and energy to emit harmful gases and waste. Carbon dioxide and methane cause a greenhouse effect. Various organic materials released during production absorb oxygen during decomposition. Sulfur dioxide helps oxidize water bodies. Nitrogen pollutants and phosphates in the air lead to accelerated growth of algae, resulting in undesirable disturbance in the balance of water present in organisms and deterioration in water quality.

What can we do?

We, as consumers, have a choice and a major influence on suppliers. Therefore, we have the right to vote and we have the power to force the reduction of the huge consumption and disappearance of forests.
Use modern technology, not paper letters. You refuse to receive your bills on paper, sign up online. If everyone thought about what effect it would cause and become more, the forest has a future.

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2 comments from 2 voubsters
Gergina Nedelcheva   Прекрасна идея! Успех!
March 5, 2019 07:20:16 AM UTC
svetlin ivanov   Great video. I love the idea!
January 23, 2019 01:19:38 PM UTC
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