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The change with you and me

January 3, 2019
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - Short 1-minute Video
$ 10000
3 -rd
Total votes: 0
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Nikolay Nikolov Male

With this video, we want to show how educating our children to take care of the nature, can change our future in a better direction,and can make us better people.

Categories: Short Films

3 comments from 3 voubsters
Jack   Voubs You keep deleting comments and profiles who says their honest opinion about contest change in the wood 1 min video

It's true that you have a rule which obligates jury to vote for every media.

I will repost previous comments written by users and deleted by Voubs.

Stay honest with your competitors. Be fair.

You can not write a rule and then don't respect it.


Main duties

For the better of all VOUBS users, you are obliged to:

Vote for any media you want only once
If you are a part of a jury team, then you are obliged to vote for all media (you clearly break this one! everyone knows and it's so obvious)
Use English as an official language, unless otherwise instructed
Announce your criteria for your ratings with a message on each contest page


To avoid speculations with votes, VOUBS prohibits you from:

Having more than 1 account;
Entering contests; (your jury members have been entering the contests!)
Receiving personal messages from other users;
Tolerating personal favourites (so many favourites which this competition clearly shows with changing votes in the last hour and not voting for all media)

Here is the link read it for yourself

Why do you have rules when you clearly break them all the time! Not fair to all competitors. Such a waste of time! You clearly don't support artists, photographs but just personal favorites

David has a right, and as he said you deleted his account as well!
March 8, 2019 11:52:10 AM UTC
Voubs Contests   Dear David Mitrovic, please keep our code of ethics and stop saying words that are not true and aiming to harm the prestige of the Organizer and also Voubs as a host. Maybe you didn`t understand the rules and the purpose of this wonderful competition. The World Wood Day needs a video representation for their live event and they are doing a contest with 90% jury vote. Their aim is to choose mostly on their own the winners and the best videos that suits them. On the top of that they provide additional 500$ reward for the best video according to the public vote. We do not see anything wrong with the jury vote and the good will of the Organizer. Remember that Voubs is working as an intermediate between participants and Organizers and will immediately take action against undesirable Organizers or Users. From the beginning of the contest with the 90% jury vote and the selection of 1 jury member clearly shows that the winners will be decided by the Organizer itself. Thanks to the World Wood Day organization 56 participants were competing for 10 000$ and 6 prize awards in a free competition. These was an outstanding chance 1 winner of every 9 and one of the best contest opportunities in the world 2019!
March 7, 2019 10:15:24 AM UTC
David Mitrovic  
Cheating and this is a setup contest! I was amazed at how at midnight the jury gave some ratings for some clips, and in the next hour he changed them, it was mildly dishonest! There were so much better videos than this one and jury even didn't vote for all videos! I know you will delete my comment as the previous one about this and also block me! So much cheating!
1 March 7, 2019 08:27:18 AM UTC
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