Use wood, wood is good

February 17, 2019
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - Short 1-minute Video
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Kristina Mitrovic Female

Trees and wood products are way forward because wood is the world's most environmentally friendly raw material.
Trees and forests are a source of raw material that grows every year and forests are much prettier than coal mines and oil drilling platforms.
But, you may ask isn't it wrong to cut down trees?
No, luckily cutting down trees is absolutely fine.
Almost all forests in Europe are managed with the purpose of producing wood for the manufacture and when we cut down trees new ones are planted in the place. Furthermore, European forest areas are expanding, increasing about 5000 km2 each year.
Wood products are also healthier for the climate because trees take co2 out of the atmosphere and store it in their trunks, then later in wood products.
So we are reducing the greenhouse effect every time we use wood in houses, bridges, furniture, in cars. And when you dispose of wood products the story still isn't quite over. Burn them, because there is energy stored in the wood and by doing so you release only as much co2 as a tree consumed when it grew. Thus replacing the use of coal, oil and gas preventing co2 emissions and resulting in no waste, which is why wood is the world's most environmentally friendly raw material.
Wood is our resource that both grows and produces clean energy instead of waste, which is more than you can say about metal, plastic, concrete, coal, oil, and gas, isn't it?

So, use wood, wood is good!

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