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Wood Culture In Bangladesh

February 28, 2019
contest: CHANGE in Wood Culture - Short 1-minute Video
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Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan Male

From The Ancient Time wood have been used as a material for making furniture. According to EU Study report about 71034 enterprises and hundred thousand of skilled and semi-skilled people are engaged in this sector in Bangladesh. The furniture industry in Bangladesh has been experiencing healthy growth over the last 6 years. The domestic market is exhibiting an upward trend and is currently worth BDT 67 Billion. Furniture is a labor intensive sector and Bangladesh has a large low cost manpower which is a vital factor in becoming competitive in the world market. Wood was valued not only because it was more comfortable, but also it could be carved, polished, or painted. At present Bangladesh is producing wide range of international standard and quality furniture. People in Bangladesh are now going to choose local furniture instead of foreign furniture. Hopefully in future Bangladeshi furniture will get more popular in International market.

Categories: Short Films

6 comments from 2 voubsters
Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan   Dear Jack You are wrong about this part of participating in contest. Voubs is a platform where they share external contest and they also give platform for organization who can run contest in this site. This contest is organized by World Wood day and they used this platform to run their contest. That doesnt mean this contest is organized by Voubs. I have contract with Voubs as a jury only for their contest and I can participate in any other contest . I cleared this issue during sign the contract with Voubs. Its very simple . I was part of Jury members in Voubs contest that doesn't mean I have to stop participate in all other contest they share and run on their website by 3rd party.
I don't know what was your comment and what they deleted for stop rising your voice . If you have any complaing you can direct contact with Organizer instead of Voubs. If organizer / jury member don't like our video we can't say anything . In every contest Jury's decition is alwasy final and we have to accept this fact.
March 9, 2019 04:43:37 AM UTC
Jack   Dear Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan, It is written that jury members should not be entering contests not just for the contest where they are a jury. So it means not entering to all contests. Besides, I have guts to write with my name and ID and I did, but Voubs doesn't have guts to say truth just keeps deleting comments and blocking my accounts. So here is a new one in order to be able to rise my voice!
1 March 8, 2019 01:50:35 PM UTC
Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan   Dear Jack or what ever your name is , you must not have aware that I am not a jury member for the wood contest. I am Jury member for the Monthly contest organized by Voubs and according to rules I couldn't participate on those contest. And this wood contest is using the platform of voubs and as a photographer I have every single rights to participate in this contest. So stop spamming with fake accounts and concontrate on your work. And I also don't get point by jury and I can understand that how it's feel like. But the difference between you and me is I have guts to say or do anything with my own ID. Best of luck
March 8, 2019 12:52:34 PM UTC
Jack   It is not a giveaway but it is not also a fair competition. And no if it's "-" it means there was no vote.
Also jury voted twice for some media and not only once for some, which is also aginst your rules, at least you wrote them, you should know better!
Another thing is that you have a jury member who is participating in competition, which is also against your rules.
So first of all you don't respect your own rules, and breaking them all the time.
You don't support creativity, artist and photographers!
March 8, 2019 12:08:09 PM UTC
Jack   Why your jury member is participating when that is against rules?

March 8, 2019 12:00:54 PM UTC
Jack   Voubs You keep deleting comments and profiles who says their honest opinion about contest change in the wood 1 min video

It's true that you have a rule which obligates jury to vote for every media.

I will repost previous comments written by users and deleted by Voubs.

Stay honest with your competitors. Be fair.

You can not write a rule and then don't respect it.


Main duties

For the better of all VOUBS users, you are obliged to:

Vote for any media you want only once
If you are a part of a jury team, then you are obliged to vote for all media (you clearly break this one! everyone knows and it's so obvious)
Use English as an official language, unless otherwise instructed
Announce your criteria for your ratings with a message on each contest page


To avoid speculations with votes, VOUBS prohibits you from:

Having more than 1 account;
Entering contests; (your jury members have been entering the contests!)
Receiving personal messages from other users;
Tolerating personal favourites (so many favourites which this competition clearly shows with changing votes in the last hour and not voting for all media)

Here is the link read it for yourself

Why do you have rules when you clearly break them all the time! Not fair to all competitors. Such a waste of time! You clearly don't support artists, photographs but just personal favorites

David has a right, and as he said you deleted his account as well!
March 8, 2019 12:00:28 PM UTC
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