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What is VOUBS?
VOUBS.com is a global contest hub
Contest management in real time
Network for sharing authored content
Global standard for online contest rules
What is VOUBS?

A platform for creating, organizing, and running independent online contests.

Contest hub
  • New business opportunities
  • All contests at one place
  • Standardized rules
  • Optimized processes
  • Easy management
  • Custom-designed voting system
  • Real time results

VOUBS.com is a global contest hub that provides real time contest management. Here you will discover users and contests from around the world. Browse through photography, design, music videos and many more. Vote in a transparent system, with a 1 to 10 rating.

  • Global community
  • New opportunities
  • Promoting your portfolio
  • Trusted organizers
  • Transparent voting
  • Guaranteed prizes

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Come to the place where you can showcase your talents, find new friends and followers, enhance your popularity and get the chance to win by authoring content.

  • Innovative marketing tool
  • Automated software
  • Access to participants from around the world
  • Authored content
  • Your own page
  • A superbly-developed communication system
  • Generating income through entry fees
  • Trust and recognition

Create a contest quickly and easily today! Save time and money and find the audience you need!

Promote your contest in VOUBS to make it the most popular and to get the best participants.

Generate quality content and income through entry fees, and manage your ad space.

Establish a long-lasting communication with your followers and enhance your popularity and the image of your business.

How does VOUBS work?
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Participants register at VOUBS
Organizers create contests
Participant choose contests to join
The best contestant wins
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Further opportunities?
  • Acquire a jury member status
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  • Become a mentor
  • Be a critic
  • Make money as a paid jury member

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  • Rewarding participations with golden frame

"Gold Member" is a paid service at VOUBS.com which gives you the right to vote in all active contests with 10 times more weight.

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Most significent contests in VOUBS
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Participants about VOUBS

Milan Ljubisavljević

I heard about VOUBS by finding it on google search when I checked for online photo contests and then joined. When I joined, the users were mostly amateur photographers, but as the VOUBS grows, so does the community and now there are a lot of good and professional photographers who are showing their work. I participated in a couple of contests and was very thrilled when I saw my image being ranked first. I recommend VOUBS to amateur and professional photographers since they can have fun, show their work, maybe earn some money and also advance in their photography skills by constantly competing and looking at others work and trying to make better images.


I joined VOUBS as it seemed like a very challenging photo competition that I would enjoy. Many folks here are very friendly and offer good comments on some of my photos. One of my very first competition won me €100! I was very happy to here that the fine folks had chosen my photo, what an honor!! I must say that the folks at VOUBS were very prompt in notifying me of my win and also of ensuring I received my money! If you're looking for a fun and challenging photo competition I would highly recommend VOUBS

Bojan Jeremic

VOUBS is great opportunity to express yourself and your feelings through photos or videos and gives you a chance to make income with EUROS on your bank account or with WINGS. One day I saw VOUBS ads on Facebook and decide to join in. I have a lots of photos in my portfolio and with VOUBS I want to share them to community. So, my first photo was in Night Photography contest and in this contest I was on 6-th place and win 10 WINGS. With the second photo in Street Photography I was on 1-st place and that`s my first win. My reward was 168€ on my bank account. I feels great because someone reward my work in photography. Till now I have 4 wins and continue to participate. The VOUBS gives you chance to play and get rewarded for that so I already recommend VOUBS to people I know because, besides of winning prizes you can make some friendships like I do. I wish all the best current and future participants. Maybe we will see each other in some of the next contests.

Десислава Игнатова

VOUBS е една чудесна платформа за всички, които обичат да снимат и искат да проверят възможностите си с участието си в конкурси. Удобството е, че е на БГ език. За мен конкретно би било по-подходящо да се оценява само от жури, но тогава бихте загубили част от активността. Сега по този начин се стимулира обмена на гласове за сметка на качеството на подадената творба. Редовно ще следя новостите и при възможност ще участвам. Поздрави и успешна Нова година!

Eduard Andrica

Why did I join the VOUBS community? I love photography and all the ways it gives me the opportunity to express myself and to reflect the beauty around us. I have found about you from Facebook and first of all I liked the diversity of the contests. The second good impression was that the prizes are very attractive and the participants are from all over the world, so I thought it's a perfect occasion to share my passion with other photographers and test my abilities. And the VOUBS adventure begun...Different contests, good photos and a lot of nice experience. Until the big day just came: the winning, 1st place, gold medal:) The best achievement that makes me go on and definitely to recommend the experience to other passionate photographers. Thank you again for the opportunity to enjoy your project and I hope you will keep the good habit of being professionals and giving us more and more challenges.

Pazargic Roxana

Well, I think it's a good idea and a good place to meet different kinds of contests. Wining here gave us a lot of work but many satisfactions. I would suggest also, the next contests would have the main criteria the jury voting, then you will know for sure won the best pictures not the one who convinced the largest number of people to vote him. VOUBS can help users like me to promote our work and plus that to gain some money :) which is great. Yes, I would like to see my favourite band creating contests through VOUBS. I would suggest Country life, wild life, night photography for the next contest topics.I thank VOUBS for this idea and hope in the future will colaborate more. Good luck! – Roxana Pazargic

Irina Mazganski

I think the whole concept of VOUBS is really unique and inovative and I it is a great marketing strategy.VOUBS helps the users with the fact that the users have a chance to win a contest and earn some money.Yes, I would recommend VOUBS to my friends.These are just random ideas in really late hours: 'Best hometown picture', 'Sweetest grandparents picture', 'Best fortress picture'. Have you ever thought about making a contest and the first place gets a vacation somewhere(let's say Greece), and all this considering that the contest is hosted by a travel agency. For this to happen I suppose VOUBS team would have to offer this idea to a travel agency. Kind regards, Irina Mazganski

Малкото Вълшебство

Здравейте,искам да изкажа огромни благодарности на създателите на Воубс.Място, където всеки един от нас може да представи свое творение, да бъде оригинален, да бъде себе си и в същото време да сподели това със свои приятели и близки!Мисля, че отдавна се нуждаехме от подобен проект!Радвам се, че моя снимка спечели място в един от Вашите конкурси и обещавам да продължавам да участвам в последващи такива! - Цветелина Славчева