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From first glance, the Castle is made in the style of the classic Western European castles combining various styles from the Renaissance and Romantic periods – but this comes not to be true! The style of the Castle is one and only – the unique Fairy style. This is the secret of its magic impact – the dream that came true to make a castle existing only in fairy-tales.

It was built completely of 20,000 tons of stone, which was specially extracted from the bowels of the earth in the Strandzha Mountain near the Turkish border. The stone is marble (metamorphosed limestone) and it can be found everywhere in the structure – the fence, the artificial lake, the walls and towers, the chapel and the cellar. According to the Geological Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, these stones are aged about 227 to 247 millions of years. They contain traces of micro diamonds, which make the castle change its color – in the morning it has pink nuances, during the day it becomes white and at full moon – it glows. Since ancient times marble limestone has been considered as exceptionally strong and stable material and the buildings made of such stone have been considered to last forever.

Castle won first and second place in the category Tourist Attraction of the world's largest competition for design and architecture in Italy , which this year was attended by 18,000 project as "gold" and "silver" are the Castle.

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